Relaxation music and what it has given me

relaxation musicMy first blog aye? Well, actually, that’s a lie. I can’t count how many blogs I’ve started and never continued with. I hope this one will be a little different. I want to speak openly and honestly in this one about relaxation music.

Now, it may go off on tangents at times, however, as I work a lot with relaxation music, I do want this blog to mainly be about that and my experiences with it. Right now, I would like to speak to you about my first experiences with relaxation music and meditation. I remember first consciously meditating when I was about 19 years of age. I would listen to the cassettes back then of Japetus, Ken Davis and other ambient producers. I remember feeling so at peace taking some time out to listen to the music back then. I remember this one recording called “Butterfly” and it was such a gentle melody and so soothing to my soul. My Mum use to buy them and I would listen to them when she had finished with them. Also, I began to like this unknown Australian artist called Japetus. He was from Sydney and I actually got to meet him one day at a Body, Mind and Spirit Festival in Sydney.  His music was amazing. I don’t believe he is doing it these days.

How wrong I was with that above announcement about Japetus… I just thought I would do a google search and sure enough, his work came up! he is still here and still composing meditation and relaxation music wonderful music. Check him out here: relaxation music from Australia. I am thrilled to have found his music once again. And guess what???? As I write this, I am now listening toone of his songs that I had a cassette of that  I’ve not heard in about 20 years!

Life has a funny way of working out doesn’t it? Anyway, if you take a listen to his music, you will see what I mean. An awesome Ambient composer.’

Another wonderful ambient composer from Australia is Dr Christopher Lloyd Clarke. He has some super meditation relaxation music. You can hear a lot of his work here at this site. His work is amazing. My favourite of his is called “Ascension”

Anyway, back to the topic… what meditation relaxation music would do for me? At the time, I did not know much about meditation. All I knew was this; when I closed my eyes and listened to this ambient music, it would take me away. And really, at the time, I needed to be taken away, as I felt I did not fit into this world. I’ve always lived a life of being on my own… when I was younger I could not understand this. Now, I am happy with who I am and accept things each day. But back then, I needed to ‘leave’ this world, through relaxation music. It would soothe me and make me feel safe. I always felt safe and calm listening to this music. Sometimes as I was listening to this music, I would even get goosebumps all over and feel like I was beginning to float away. It was so magical. I won’t forget how special it was for me. Any wonder today why I am producingsome relaxation music which you can find here. I relaxation music and meditation musicjust want to surround myself in this music and allow myself to be enveloped through it, if this is possible.

There was a time when I was in my early 20’s and I went on a walk through the Royal National Park in Sydney NSW Australia. I took my cassette micro player with me and had relaxation music on it. I was sitting on the edge of an enormous cliff overlooking the ocean and the forests below… legs dangling from the cliff face. It was heavenly. After about 20 minutes of listening to this music and being out in the open space, all of a sudden this amazing wave of peace rushed over me and through me. It was like in that moment, I had everything and everyone in my life right with me in that very moment. I was all. I was at one with everything, and I mean everything! It was a beautiful, intense magical feeling. I wont ever forget that. I’ve had some similar to it, but nothing like that one! Boy, it was so , so good.

Has anyone out there ever had any feelings like this when meditating or listening to this relaxation music? If so, please let me know.. although I know many wont see this initial blog. Anyway, it’s a start.

Many Blessings and if you’ve read this – thanks. It’s nice to share this with you. If you would like more ways to deal with stress, please click here!


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2 thoughts on “Relaxation music and what it has given me

  1. Now, I wanna ask if you continued this blog or not cause it’s really good! It’s also great to know a person who really enjoyed the state of relaxation cause I thought there are only few people like you nowadays who love to listen to solemn music and rejuvenate. Well, good luck to your career!

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