Bombed out on Alpha Brainwaves

Wow! Firstly, forgive me if I make mistakes here. I am just now listening to the tail end of the Alpha Meditation for restless individuals … and oh man, it is so powerful that at times I was almost falling off my chair. I zoned out a couple of times in a place between sleep and deep meditation… but as I am a little tired today – it may have been sleep that actually helped me to tune out.

More of this meditation. Firstly, I made it with Neuro-Programmer 3 . In this recording, it only has sounds of the oceans lapping the shoreline, seagulls, and of course the Isochronic tones and the sound audio strobe.  Simply put, it is amazingly relaxing.  I feel relaxed, chilled out and yet have a beautiful sense of awareness right now. Peace.  Here, I’ve just made a youtube video of the exact recording… bomb out with me on Alpha brainwaves 🙂 Pop on some headphones – it will work MUCH better to block out external noises.

There is no doubt in my mind now that brainwave entrainment DEFINITELY DOES work! This is a 100% certainty. I can’t say it will work for everyone, however, I am honestly saying it is working for me! It just DID work for me 🙂

If you are reading this and have had experience using brainwave entrainment, good or bad, I would be VERY interested to hear your story – if it has worked for you, or if it hasn’t. I just would like to speak with others to see their experiences.

Brainwave Entrainment Software

Right now I am exporting the file I just made into an MP3 so i can begin to load it onto youtube. It only runs for 35 minutes.  Here is what happened:

1-10 mins. I was still fairly alert and fidgety. After a day at work, some stress, my mind was all over the place. I was even still fiddling around with the headphones for the initial 2 minutes.

10-15 mins. I started to relax into this. I actually enjoyed the sounds of the waves lapping the beach and listening to the sea gulls crying out. In short, I believe I was beginning to tune in to the moment, rather than focusing on the outside world AND things that happened today (past).

15-25 mins. This is where it got really deep for me… I mean REALLY deep and the entrainment started to kick in for me and take me away. occassionally, I would  what seemed like, lose total control and my mind would just drop into another zone. Way away from here. Other times, I felt like I was about to fall off the chair as I felt weightlessness kick in.

25 – 35 mins. At this point, the brainwave entrainment brainwaves were rising from 8.5 hz back to 15 Hz again… I was feeling VERY relaxed, calm, centered and back to a total, beautiful awareness. Ahhhh this was heaven. I must do this more often and not just produce entrainment tracks but totally immerse myself in them. I am totally in the zone now, yet, a sense of calmness has all but washed over me.

And I have to tell you too, that there were times when it felt like the water sounds were really washing THROUGH me – not just lapping the edge of the ocean, but travelling through me. It was an amazing experience.

As I said, stay tuned and I will soon put it up on youtube and I will make a video to share with you too – please try it and then you can let me know how you feel about it 🙂

brainwave entrainment, alpha brainwaves

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