Listening to rain – perfect for relaxation

This morning as I awoke, I could hear the rain falling onto the little tin verandah roof outside. Not a heavy rain, but enough to make me feel relaxed, calm, peaceful. It took me back to my youthful days (many years ago hey?) when I would play in my bedroom on my own and as the rain fell, I would be so content to hear the rain on our tin roof – and felt so cosy and complete. In those moments, I asked for nothing; and yet had everything.

I produce and publish relaxation music for a living, and today the rain made me realise that there aint no better relaxation music than the sounds of nature. Pure, 100% natural sounds. We can of course appreciate beautiful music, however there is something special about Mother Nature and her sounds.

Speaking of beautiful music – take a listen to this one By Japetus:

Preview Once Around The Sun

What a beautiful album by Japetus. I remember listening to this one in the 80’s and had some wonderful meditation experiences with relaxation musicthis music. All of Japetus music is available here and it is meant to be played at VERY low volumes – almost so it is at subconscious levels. I mentioned Japetus before in my previous posts but needed to do it again today. Check his music out for sure.

Also, at the moment, I cannot get enough of Ambient Musician JS Epperson. Wow! What beautiful work! Amazing. His work is very deep and moving.

Take a listen to Insight Meditation here:

Preview Insight Theta Meditation Music

How good is this???? Combined with brainwave entrainment this allows you to meditate very deeply. He says of this album;

“Inspire yourself and elevate your consciousness with this mystical and inviting music embedded with binaural beat “brainwave” frequencies. Have the clarity of deeper, more penetrating perceptions of people and situations. Intuitively grasp the understanding that comes from deep contemplation and reflection with “Insight Meditation”.

relaxation musicThis is a super-powered meditation booster! The music is calm, enveloping you in an ethereal bath of shifting sound and vibration created to relax you into an expanded state of awareness and openness. During this journey, the embedded binaural beat frequencies shift from a meditative Theta frequency pattern to a 4 minute Gamma burst called the “moment of insight”, an intense shift of awareness.”

Nothing short of breathtaking is his music. I could immerse myself in it, curl up on a Winters day and feel so warm, relaxed and comfortable.

5 thoughts on “Listening to rain – perfect for relaxation

  1. Nice blog. I compose meditation and calming guitar music. I come from many years of exploring so many different styles of music thrash metal, punk, hardcore to jazz and flamenco. And everything in between A to Z. I just recently started composing minimal slow relaxing calming guitar music to help calm my mind down from the stresses of life.

    • Thanks Jeff… Man, this is the beauty of music – a place where we can go no matter how we feel. I just don’t know how I could live without it. Thanks man for your comments.

  2. The relaxation music that I have found searching youtube had some problems to me. The music that I find is to busy to much going. For my brain to calm down and relax I need beautiful long tones with unexpected but simple changes. Along with sounds that I can feel travel from my face to my heart then to my brain.

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