Youtubes Best Subliminal Messages In Music Videos

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Do Subliminal Messages Work?

There has been so much talk about subliminal messages in movies, videos and music. Some say it works, others say it’s a total scam. Personally, I can say it has worked for me, and I could also give possible reasons as to why it has not been working for some.

For those that are interested, I use a Subliminal software program called MindZoom. And all the MP3 recordings/videos on this page have been created by the Mindzoom subliminal  Program. More on that here.

Why Subliminal Messages Don’t Work?

I believe the reason why some say they don’t work is simply the fact that they have not used them enough. It’s not good enough to simply listen once or twice and think you will get life changing results. I can’t count how many times on my YouTube Channel I’ve had people say “Well, the subliminal thing didn’t work for me!”

We must firstly realize that we need to ‘undo’ years of negative programming. This cannot be done in minutes. It will need to take repetition and time.

Why Subliminal Messages Are Better Than Audio Messages

Subliminal messages are messages that cannot be heard with the ear. Possibly in some recordings you may hear some words or phrases, but for the most part they are “sub” liminal… which means UNDER the music.

This is so much better than audible messages as these subliminal messages go directly to your subconscious mind.  With audible messages, when we hear something that doesn’t sit well with us, we can reject it before it’s even given a chance to grow.

Here are some of my favourite Subliminal Videos from Youtube. Hope you can enjoy them too. Remember, keep listening to them on a daily basis – preferably twice per day – morning and evening.

Attitude Of Gratitude Subliminal Messages

Change starts with accepting what you already have NOW, being grateful for it and then building on that. This recording has the following affirmations embedded within the music.

I am grateful for my life
I have everything I need at this moment
Life is good
My life is joyous
I have an attitude of gratitude
Love is all around me
My life is filled with peace and many blessings
I am thankful
My life is filled with so much joy
I give thanks each day for the abundant blessings that come my way
Abundance flows within and without
I thank my higher source for all I have
The more I am grateful, the more that flows towards me

Magnetize Money Millionaire Mindset

Want to become a millionaire? Then declare it to yourself first. These subliminal affirmations will help you release outdated programming of your mind and what you think you deserve, to what you TRULY deserve!

These are the positive subliminal messages used in this video:

A lot of opportunities come to me
I recognize that all of those opportunities help me succeed
I am open to success
Success is in me
I am successful
I feel so successful
My mind is a powerful magnet for successful ideas
I am successful because I know what I want and go for it
I define success my way and I create it
I am a profitable creator of successful ideas
I am now on the royal road of success
Success is unlimited
I enjoy that I am successful in all ways
I am successful in whatever I do
I am worthy
I attract  abundance
I use money wisely
Making money is exciting
The more I give the more I get back
I can solve any problem
I accept abundance
I deserve abundance
I have a right to live well
I have a right to have my money
I invest successfully
I am rich
I have a happy life
I attract money
I learn from successful people
I never quit, I am a winner
I create great business ideas
I work on my business ideas
I make my ideas profitable
I make business profitable
I am the mastermind of my success
I am generous
I learn fast
I accept help humbly
Money does not control me
I control money

Remember, your conscious mind will only hear the music, however, your subconscious mind will be planted with the subliminal seeds of wealth!

Subliminal Messages for Self Confidence

Self confidence is lacking in so many people today. Unfortunately, as we grow up, we get so many negative messages from our peers, teachers, parents, friends and family. Sometimes meaning well, however, any negative messages (no matter how well meaning they might be)  simply DON’T help!

Please listen to these subliminal messages twice a day for at least 60 days. Let me know how they go for you.

Subliminal affirmations that are used in the recording below are:

I have confidence in what I want
I have confidence in myself
I trust my decisions
I trust my feelings
I can do any job well
I succeed in anything I propose to do
I am strong
I always exceed peoples expectations
I can resolve my doubts easily
I have faith in my beliefs
I resolve my doubts quickly
People tend to trust me
I am a positive thinker
I have a positive attitude
I am optimistic


Subliminal Messages For Weight Loss and Food Addicts

Begin to train your mind to eat right and eat healthy. These affirmations have literally been helping thousands on Youtube already. Please, give them a try. Listen twice a day for best results and please USE in conjunction with exercise and a weight loss program.

The subliminal messages that are used in this recording include the following:

I am in control over how much I eat
My body is getting slimmer with every hour
My energy and vitality has increased 100%
Losing body fat is easily and effortlessly for me
The less food I eat, the better I feel
I am full and satisfied after meals
I drink 8 glasses of water a day
I am creating a body that I like and enjoy
Every day in every way I;m getting slimmer and healthier


Please remember, give them time to work. Don’t expect an overnight miracle. It won’t happen. But if you listen to them each day, preferably twice a day, within 60 days, changes are most likely on their way!

I wish you all the success in the world. If you would like more information on the subliminal software program I use, please read my article here about MINDZOOM.

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