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Want to Learn Meditation?

Are you feeling stressed? Do you feel like a rat on a treadmill, constantly going around and around yet getting nowhere?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then perhaps Meditation Masters TV is for you.

What is Meditation Masters?

Meditation Masters is an online platform that teaches mindfulness meditation techniques… and teaches YOU to become the master of your own life, through the art of meditation. Jason Stephenson, from Youtube Meditation fame, says about Meditation Masters; “I started this platform about 4 months ago, after I could see a demand from my Youtube meditation followers. My followers were enjoying meditation, yet had so many more in depth questions about meditation. It was then that I realized that I needed to start an online platform that could not only help others master the art of meditation, but they could begin to master their own lives.”

How Can I Learn Meditation Online?

Through the use of over 150 meditation videos – ranging from guided meditations to interviews and training videos (and growing on a weekly basis!), Meditation Masters is a new online platform that really goes in depth into Mindfulness Meditation (often practiced by Buddhist Monks), and helps to turn your whole life into a meditation. Meditation is no longer  just about sitting in a Buddha like pose on a rock, it is more about a lifestyle. A lifestyle of being aware of each and every moment… and being at peace with where you are in this present moment. This is the key to true happiness.

Meditation Masters consists of a 10 day meditation breathing course, a 30 day meditation boot-camp, and countless videos on meditation training that is updated every week! For the price of a piece of cake and coffee each month (The platform is a subscription based course of $7.00 USD per month – this includes a 7 day free trial to give it a go before you buy), you can stay on top of the latest innovations on meditation, new guided meditations and affirmations for positive self growth. Jason Stephenson, the founder of Meditation Masters says; “I am continually learning and passing on my knowledge and skills in meditation to my subscribers. I would never admit to be a master of meditation myself, rather, we are all students and teachers. I am simply in a position to share my knowledge and wisdom, and to learn as much as I can from my students as well.”

What is My Next Step?

Firstly, if you are not convinced this platform is for you, why not give the 7 day free trial a go? You have nothing to lose. If you feel it is not for you, simply cancel once before the 7th day has expired and you will not pay a cent.

If on the other hand, you are really gaining something from Meditation Masters (which we believe you will!), then keep going with the course for as long as you like. Enjoy the updated new meditations, updates, training video guides each and every week for as long as you desire. You wont be disappointed!




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