A meditation for anxiety: Best way of letting go of Anxiety

Get rid of anxiety with meditation

how to stop anxiety

Anxiety and How It Came

There’s no question about it. Anxiety is awful. More than awful; it can be totally life debilitating. I know. I’ve been there and suffered through it in 2005-2006.

It came quickly. And bit me hard on the ‘ass’ so to speak. I went through a very difficult time in my life where my health took a dive very quickly. And along with a diagnosis of ill health, came mental health issues, including anxiety.

I want to share with you my story and how I came to let go of anxiety through meditations and affirmations. And not only let anxiety go, but live a wonderful life helping many others across the world to let go of their anxiety too.  Possibly giving you hope that you can do the very same.

My first anxiety attack

I remember well my first attack. I live on my own so this kind of made it worse. I was afraid at the time to go to bed without music or without the TV. This particular night, I could not even sleep in my own bed and had to go out to where the TV was in the lounge room and switch it on.

helpt to stop anxietySo, I dragged my blankets out into the lounge area, switched on the TV and attempted to sleep. It took some time, however, I don’t believe I was asleep for long when my heart started pounding. It was beating so hard and fast that it felt like each beat my heart was pounding through my back – into the floor! It was frightening to say the least.

The next one happened again whilst at work. I had to leave work quickly and go straight to the doctors. I thought i was in fact having a heart attack.

This was the first time I had ever heard of “anxiety.” Something I will never forget in a hurry and I know that this could happen at any time in the future. It all depends on our mental health and what is going on in our lives at the time.

How to stop anxiety

I began to deal with it. I just had to. I had no choice. At the time, I had watched a movie on the internet called “The Secret” This for me, was my first way of understanding to take back my own power. It was up to me. And so I began a new journey.

Now, please, don’t get me wrong here. None of this was easy and it was working constantly on myself.. day after day after day, to climb back on the horse again and ride once more.

I did not talk about it with anyone at the time, only my doctor. I couldn’t explain it anyway. All I know is that it was awful to suffer with it.

I began to write affirmations and listen to subliminal messages on a daily basis. I would speak my affirmations in the morning  and listen to positive subliminal affirmations when I went on my daily walks with my dogs.

I also began to meditate daily. I mean, I needed to meditate. I had to find peace somewhere. Meditation helped me. It really helped me find peace within myself.

At first, meditation was hard. Thoughts were racing through my mind. I couldn’t cope with it all. But I persevered day after day. Only 10 minutes a day to begin with. And what I noticed was my thoughts began to slow down and I could settle into meditations much more easily!

I then began to create my own meditations… and as they say, the rest is history. I now create meditations for my full time job. This is now my work. To reach out to others right across the globe with my meditations and music and to help people calm down and relax.

Meditation is the key to controlling anxiety

Here is one of my new guided meditations for anxiety. You can also get the MP3 version of it by clicking  here.

Anxiety took me a while to rope in.  I suffered with it for the late part of 2005 and on and off through 2006.  I would dare say that it wasn’t until about the end of 2006, that it slowly began to fade.

I do have smaller bouts of anxiety, even now, however they are so much more in check now – and usually disappears within 1 -2 days. When it comes up, I recognize it, and breathe my way through it. I take time out away from all people and stimulations and just breathe and connect to life.

I know this will not work for everyone, but it DOES work. I’m living proof of it.

If you would like more guided meditations and music to help calm your anxiety, please visit my YouTube Channel and subscribe by clicking here. I have almost 200 videos now 🙂 all of the videos are designed to help people find peace within themselves, heal anxiety and depression and live a more worry free life.

I really wish you well with your battle with anxiety, and please be sure, that in time, and with much strength, you can end your anxiety. Many Blessings to you.