Bombed out on Alpha Brainwaves

Wow! Firstly, forgive me if I make mistakes here. I am just now listening to the tail end of the Alpha Meditation for restless individuals … and oh man, it is so powerful that at times I was almost falling off my chair. I zoned out a couple of times in a place between sleep and deep meditation… but as I am a little tired today – it may have been sleep that actually helped me to tune out.

More of this meditation. Firstly, I made it with Neuro-Programmer 3 . In this recording, it only has sounds of the oceans lapping the shoreline, seagulls, and of course the Isochronic tones and the sound audio strobe.  Simply put, it is amazingly relaxing.  I feel relaxed, chilled out and yet have a beautiful sense of awareness right now. Peace.  Here, I’ve just made a youtube video of the exact recording… bomb out with me on Alpha brainwaves 🙂 Pop on some headphones – it will work MUCH better to block out external noises.

There is no doubt in my mind now that brainwave entrainment DEFINITELY DOES work! This is a 100% certainty. I can’t say it will work for everyone, however, I am honestly saying it is working for me! It just DID work for me 🙂

If you are reading this and have had experience using brainwave entrainment, good or bad, I would be VERY interested to hear your story – if it has worked for you, or if it hasn’t. I just would like to speak with others to see their experiences.

Brainwave Entrainment Software

Right now I am exporting the file I just made into an MP3 so i can begin to load it onto youtube. It only runs for 35 minutes.  Here is what happened:

1-10 mins. I was still fairly alert and fidgety. After a day at work, some stress, my mind was all over the place. I was even still fiddling around with the headphones for the initial 2 minutes.

10-15 mins. I started to relax into this. I actually enjoyed the sounds of the waves lapping the beach and listening to the sea gulls crying out. In short, I believe I was beginning to tune in to the moment, rather than focusing on the outside world AND things that happened today (past).

15-25 mins. This is where it got really deep for me… I mean REALLY deep and the entrainment started to kick in for me and take me away. occassionally, I would  what seemed like, lose total control and my mind would just drop into another zone. Way away from here. Other times, I felt like I was about to fall off the chair as I felt weightlessness kick in.

25 – 35 mins. At this point, the brainwave entrainment brainwaves were rising from 8.5 hz back to 15 Hz again… I was feeling VERY relaxed, calm, centered and back to a total, beautiful awareness. Ahhhh this was heaven. I must do this more often and not just produce entrainment tracks but totally immerse myself in them. I am totally in the zone now, yet, a sense of calmness has all but washed over me.

And I have to tell you too, that there were times when it felt like the water sounds were really washing THROUGH me – not just lapping the edge of the ocean, but travelling through me. It was an amazing experience.

As I said, stay tuned and I will soon put it up on youtube and I will make a video to share with you too – please try it and then you can let me know how you feel about it 🙂

brainwave entrainment, alpha brainwaves

How to make brainwave entrainment & Binaural beats – easy!

Firstly, what is brainwave entrainment? (Please click for a full explanation) I want to share with you a way to make easy (very simple) brainwave entrainment and binaural beat recordings. I’ve been using a program now for the past 4 years that makes this whole process so damned easy and more importantly FUN to use. It’s like having a blank canvas to paint on and the choices are amazing.

brainwave entrainment, binaural beatsFirstly, for some of you, you may even be wondering what on earth is brainwave entrainment. Ok, I will attempt to explain it in my own words, but then I will give you a link to a better definition.

For me, it’s about helping me to relax and reduce anxiety as it builds up. Firstly in a nut shell, brainwave entrainment are recordings (they can be visual as well as sound) that have brainwave patterns on them to assist our minds to mimic these brainwave petterns to being about a different state of mind. For instance, when we listen to certain types of music (heavy metal for instance), it can get our heart rate up and get us moving about. It has different wave forms in the music that do that to us. When we listen to brainwave entrainment, it also has different wave formations (for instance Theta waves) that can bring us into a more relaxed and tranquil state. Simply by listening to the sounds, our brains begin to be ‘entrained’ with new pathways. relaxing us, soothing us.

I am not too good with words here so bare with me. Here is a link from Relax Me online that really explains it in full and precisely if you want to have a good understanding of entrainment recordings. basically though, I can tell you this much. It works!!!

I had a court case a few years ago (where I was a victim of an assault) and just before court I was so anxious and nervous and was not looking forward to it at all. I played on my ipod a brain entrainment track that I had made myself with the program I use Neuro-Programmer. (More on this program in a moment) By the time the court case came up, I was so relaxed, centered and had no anxiety. I walked in calmly … and needless to say the courtcase worked well. I said my piece with honesty, integrity and calmness and before I knew it, it was over and I had won. The entrainment assisted me to deep breathe and let go of tension and anxiety.

Since this time, not only do I use it myself, but I produce it for others to relax to as well 🙂

Here is the program I use and let me tell you about it:

Brainwave Entrainment And Hypnosis Software

And a preview of one of the tracks I’ve made up: Preview Hypnotic Sub Delta Meditation

This program is simply put….. AMAZING!!!! I love, love, love it! You can create music tracks with binaural beats and amazing entrainment for anxiety, stress, health issues such as Chronic fatigue, ADHD, and even to prepare for competition sports. Yes, this one costs money (about $60.00 for the standard edition or $90.00 for the ultimate edition) but is WELL WORTH the money you pay. I can’t count how many recordings I’ve made for myself and friends – literally hundreds and one of my friends even said he cat even relaxes when she listens to the music!!! I kid you not! And once you make the recordings you can  save them as MP3’s or WAVE files so you can burn them onto CD’s.

The program allows you to make recordings of whatever size you choose. ( You can make a short 10 minute recording or  a 3 hour binaural beatlongs recording – the choice is yours.) And it already has folders where you can select what you want the recording for  eg> anxiety, sleep, better health, sports, relaxation, meditation, stress relief etc etc. The great thing is about these, is you can edit them also and change the background sounds. they have nature sounds such as rain, storm, underwater effects, flowing brook. And then they have mystical sounds, orchestral sounds and so much more.

On top of all of this, you can add binaural beats to your recording. OR, you can simply have binaural beats ONLY and have nothing else on the recording. Just at the push of a button.!!!

Here is a video I’ve made to show you some of the functions of the program:

So you can hear on this video some of the beautiful music you can produce… and the good thing the capabilities are endless. You can add a track with rain and binaural beats, or brainwave entrainment and classical music. It’s totally up to you how you want to make your recordings.

If you are really keen and want to make money from the recordings you make, you can purchase a full commercial license (this costs big dollars around $700.00) but it is Sooooooo worth it!

Aside from the brainwave entrainment and binaural beats, you can also use this as a tool for hypnotherapy and you can record your own voice (or use a computer generated voice) for a guided meditation/hypnosis session.

This all in all kinda sounds like a sales pitch for this program… It’s not! It’s meant to be for dummies like me that just want to push a few buttons and BINGO, you have a recording designed to address a specific goal or problem.  I am on this program every day and can’t get enough of it. When I sell on Ebay, neither can my customers purchase enough from me. I purchased the full commercial license and have made my money back in the thousands of dollars over the past 3-4 years. If you don’t believe me, check out my site at Zen Man’s Crystals and look at all the entrainment CDs I have produced 🙂

If you are interested and still unsure, just make sure you use the free trial first and if it suits, buy it, if not, throw it away. This program is KING! There is nothing better on the market… If there is, please let me know 🙂 If you purchase it and have ANY questions, I think I could say I’m an expert with this program now – so please, just drop me a message and i will get back to you with any answers you may want. 🙂 CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE PROGRAM BY TRANSPARENT CORP.

Brainwave Entrainment Software