Royalty Free Music For Meditation & Relaxation

royalty free meditation music

Is Royalty Free Meditation Music Really Free?

I have to start this blog with this question. Is Royalty Free Meditation Music free? The answer, in short is no! Definitely not. Many people think that they can just grab royalty free music from the web and begin to use it in their projects because they’ve picked it up as “free music.”

One needs to be very careful about this.  Look deeply into the page where you get the music from and as to what rights you have to use this music. If you are not careful, you may find yourself in a copyright wrangle which could end up costing you a lot of worry and money. See what Wikipedia says about Royalty Free Music.

Most of the royalty free music that you want, you will have to pay for… and there are also conditions that you will need to pay attention to if you are to use the music.

In this blog today, I am going to talk about some royalty free music from Transparent Corp that is especially produced for meditation, relaxation, healing and focus sessions. The music I’m speaking about here is Thought Sounds 1, 2, 3 and 4. (Please note: If you click on some of the links, I will receive a small commission if there is a sale… however, be assured that I only want to promote music that I believe in and that I have used personally.)

Royalty Free Music For Meditation

I’ve been using the “Thought Sounds” collection for about 2 years now and I am ever so grateful that I had stumbled across them. I play them with the Neuro-Programmer, where I can add binaural beats, brain wave entrainment and so much more.

Now I must make it clear, you do NOT need to purchase the Neuro-Programmer to use the royalty free music Transparent Corp sell – as all music comes with loop software that you can use with any windows PC. The Neuro Programmer for me, just makes it easier and clearer to use.

Each Thought Sounds package covers a different type of music and they cost $89.95 for each lot. The packages are as follows:

Thought Sounds 1 – Ambient Royalty Free Music

This one is for ambient music. Beautiful deep ‘space’ like tones that is perfect for deep meditation and relaxation. Some nature sounds are also included as well. Take a listen to some samples below.

Thought Sounds 1 can be purchased by clicking here.

Thought Sounds 2 – Focus

This music is more aimed at help for focus. Study, homework sessions etc. Samples can be heard here:

Thought Sounds 2 can be purchased by clicking here.

Thought Sounds 3 – Relax

This is one of my favourites of all time! And most likely because it has some of the best ambient/meditation music around. Over 14 hours, (approx 130 tracks) of various meditation music, broken up into deep relaxation, light relaxation, meditation etc. It is KING for anyone interested in making quality meditation tracks and wants to have some great background music.

Samples for this one are as below:

Thought Sounds 3 can be purchased by clicking here

Thought Sounds 4 – **NEW** Mood Elevation

Now I can’t say much about this session as it has only been released yesterday and I haven’t got this one… but, I’ve heard the samples and will be saving to purchase this one too. I just love all of their music. You can hear samples here at their site and purchase by clicking here.

What Can you Do With This Royalty Free Music?

For the most part you can use this music in just about any productions imaginable! From concerts to recordings, to guided meditations. Please read all the rules about it here.

But as far as I’m aware, the only thing you cannot do is SELL the music as a production within itself (without talking over the top etc). For this, you would need a commercial license which you can read about here.

I have a commercial license and have been selling CD’s for the past 3 years. I’ve made my money back time and time again and have helped countless people, however, it is a big investment to make (at around the $700.00 mark) so think carefully.


The Neuro-Programmer In Action

I thought I would also include a video here on the Neuro-Programmer and how easy it is to use – and how it can make your meditation music so much more fun to play with.


I really hope this will help you in gaining an insight into some of the best royalty free meditation music around. May it help you on your travels and with your meditations. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me at Relax Me Online.