Everything You Need To Know About Anxiety

how to reduce anxiety


Everything You Need To Know About Anxiety

Is your anxiety problem keeping you from living your life to the fullest? It’s important to find something that helps you manage your stress. Breathing exercises, meditation, therapy and medication are all options. Look at this article to see all of the methods you can use to treat your anxiety.

Music is a powerful counteractive force against anxiety. Once you feel the anxiety starting to take hold, play your favorite tunes. how to reduce anxietyGet into the music. Soon, your mind will forget about what is causing you anxiety. Keeping a busy mind can help you get a grip on your anxiety. Relaxation music is ideal.

If you experience ongoing bouts of anxiety, it is wise to consult with a professional. With all the medical advances and treatments out there, you have a lot of choices and options for dealing with this health condition. Go visit your doctor and get what you need for your condition.

Making the effort to control your emotions can help you prevent anxiety disorders. When you are in control of your emotions, you can also control anxiety. Negativity of any kinds only fuels the fire of your anxiety attacks. Learn to detach yourself from these emotions and you will see things slowly improving.

It’s a good idea to practice deep breathing exercises in order to be ready for the breathing troubles an anxiety attack can bring on. People will often hyperventilate during anxiety, so breathing from the diaphragm is best. By taking deep breaths, you diminish the effect of your anxiety while your stomach rises and falls.

Amino acids can really help your anxiety. Some people find out they lack certain nutrients, as well as their bodies not making enough serotonin. Mood Cure is one of many helpful books available to determine a supplement plan that can lessen or cure anxious feelings.

Combat anxiety by keeping your mind and body otherwise engaged. If your mind is not occupied because you have nothing to do, it is easy to focus on anxious feelings. You may find it very helpful to keep yourself active and useful. Try simple chores such as cleaning the house or tidying up the garden.

Pay attention to your breathing when you feel unduly stressed or anxious. You should be short of breath or feel a weight on your chest. Anxiety makes it tough to concentrate on breathing properly. But you really need to keep taking in the appropriate amount of air, and control breathing. Focus on your breathing if you have an anxiety attack.

meditation2Do not sit and remain idle throughout the day. Remember to take regular breaks for some light exercise or walking around. Stretch your legs often. When you’re at home, remain active by taking walks, and limit the time you spend sitting in front of the television set. Everyone’s body needs to rest, but when you relax too much it can actually start to increase your anxiety.

Have someone you can rely on to talk about your problems. A support system could be vital to people who are suffering from anxiety. Speaking with others about your problems can benefit you and reduce daily anxiety.

Try to remain in the present. Some of the worst things anxious folks can do is focusing too much on past events and future obligations. This can create worrisome and overwhelming feelings that can cause an anxiety attack. Keep anxious feelings to a low level and do not focus on anxious thoughts.

The best way to control anxiety is by figuring out what causes it. Is work stress one of the main culprits? If so, maybe there are steps you can take to lower your stress level, such as asking your supervisor if there is an opportunity for you to change to a different team or project. Once you have identified the cause of your anxiety, change or avoid that catalyst.

Although many people suffer from anxiety because of the stress of living, some people have a genetic predisposition for this problem. If you think this might apply to you, speak with a professional to determine if medication might be right for you.

Many introverted individuals suffer from anxiety, especially social anxiety. A way to get over stress is to find things you like doing like running, bike riding, or art to do with other people.

Be sure that you get enough sleep every night if you have anxiety. Regular sleep deprivation can augment the symptoms of anxiety to an alarming degree. Also, anxiety may make you physically uncomfortable if you are already tired. You should try as hard as possible to get seven to nine hours of sleep every night.

When approaching your anxiety, consider both natural and medical paths and options. Your doctor can evaluate your condition and prescribe medications to help. Do not ignore a natural approach, such as a change in your diet, because major differences can be seen. Success rates have been found to be higher in people who combine approaches.

Think about a massage. Seriously, a massage. A nice, soothing massage helps a person relax not only their muscles but also clears the mind. A massage is also helpful for cramped muscles, which are one of the symptoms of anxiety.

stress reliefRemember to apply these tricks whenever you feel stressed. Some methods will work better than other methods, but it’s important to try. Be patient and keep in mind that the things that you do will be able to help you control stress.

Soothing Sounds Stress Relief Have a course that may help you if nothing else does. More on that site can be seen here!

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How to make subliminal affirmations and messages

In this blog, I will give you some ideas on how you can make  subliminal messages recordings through some great software available out there. Not only that, if you don’t want to purchase any software, then you can make it simply at home if you have a recording software set up in place such as audacity or magix sound studio etc. These are all possibilities. I will explain all of that and WHY subliminal affirmations work better than just the plain old audio affirmations.

how to make subliminal messages

Software applications for making subliminal messages

The first one is called Mindzoom – and believe me, it zooms positive subliminal affirmations into your mind at the rate of  3600 affirmations per hour!!!  Some of the features of this software include:

  • It peaks in performance of offering so many affirmations pumped into your mind. The technology here could not possibly get any better. The positive affirmations are amazing at this speed! (My note: Personally for me, I feel it is too much info and unnecessary to have this many affirmations in your mind, this quickly.)
  • They do have email support and they are super fast at response time 🙂
  • You can run this program on multiple computers – this license allows you to do this. – This is great!
  • Silent affirmations that are  subliminal come with this – so whilst you are visualizing watching affirmations, subliminal ones are coming into your mind too. (My note: This is great to have visual as well as subliminal affirmations – as some people are better at picking up visual clues rather than sound clues)
  • Comes with a sound mixer so you can mix your subliminal messages with your favourite music. They say this is for a limited time. (My Note: A lot of marketers say “for a limited time”, I would say it would be there forever, that’s just my take.)
  • Comes with planner to help you succeed with your goals
  • Comes with some AWESOME EXTRA DOWNLOADS (My Note: Some of these extra downloads – especially the music, are worth the money alone! great deal here)

Overall, Mindzoom is a great little subliminal package and the good thing is it is SIMPLE to use. I aim for simplicity and this works for me 🙂 I how to make subliminal messageshave used other programs that are MUCH harder than this one with too many buttons to push.  Below is a screen shot of the program.

how to make subliminal messages 2

Subliminal Recording System

When I first purchased this I will admit, I found it hard to use. It took some time to get used to. But now (after a few weeks of steep learning), I am reaping the benefits of VERY professional sounding  subliminal software. If you want something quick and easy, the above is great. However, if you want something that offers a ton of features, will take a little longer to learn, then this one is for you. Here are some of the features:

  • This one comes as a fully complete subliminal recording/mixing studio with powerful features including a brainwave generator and text to speech recorder. (My note: This is great for those who are not too keen to record their own voice – this works wonders and you can even slow the voice down or speed it up!)
  • An MP3 encoder as well as converting files to WAV files for CD.
  • traditional subliminal recordings as well as stereo confusion recordings
  • A new feature now is the reverse masking and includes  their own Silent Subliminal Frequency Shifting Technology
  • Comes with already complete 370 professionally written subliminal affirmations (My note: This is time saving and worth it. You don’t have to be thinking for too long of what affirmations to use… there is a bank of them here!
  • These guys also have an area where you can share recordings with other users of this program. This is a great idea I think.
  • Some screen shots below of the “mixing desks”

how to make subliminal messages how to make subliminal messages 4

so here is the run down… This is an awesome , super powerful program that I recommend, however, if you have no patience and you just want to learn in 2 minutes, I personally would not go for this one, but go for the Mind Zoom.  It might be that I am just a slow learner when it comes to technology, I’m not sure 🙂  But either way, both of them are the best on the market in my opinion. If I did have to choose, I would choose the latter – IF you are prepared to learn it and take the time!

For a more powerful effect with subliminal affirmations, please consider creating brainwave entrainment recordings  and putting the subliminal affirmations to that too 🙂 This works a treat! Transparent Corp Offer a brilliant brainwave recording package here.

How to make subliminal affirmations and messages at home

So, you have not got the money to purchase a software program such as the above. No need to despair! You can still do it on a regular recording (pc) at home. Here’s how:

  • Open your favourite recording program
  • Select 2 tracks
  • On the first track put your favourite music on. Use relaxing music if you want to fall asleep to the subliminal messages. If you want to do exercises or feel motivated then select inspiring music that is uplifting
  • Record on track 2 your affirmations. Please remember to keep the affirmations in the PRESENT TENSE and to keep them positive.
  • Leave about a 10 second gap between each affirmation to allow it to sink into your subconscious mind. For a 30 minute recording I would only add about 10-20 affirmations, and then simply repeat the same ones throughout the entire recording.
  • The final step is to pop on some headphones and now you need to bring the recorded voice affirmations down to an almost inaudible level. In other words, so you almost cannot hear  the affirmations present. Don’t be concerned with this. Your subconscious mind over time will take these in.
  • BINGO! You have your first subliminal sound affirmation recording.

How to make subliminal messages… and WHY?

So now you know how to make subliminal affirmations, but why do they need to be subliminal in the first place? The reason is simple. When we consciously cannot hear the affirmations, our minds can’t reject them… they simply seep through into our subconscious. For instance, when someone tells us “Wow, you look so great!” Many would reject this compliment (due to low esteem) and not take it on board. When it is subliminal, our minds don’t have a chance to reject it… so on a deeper level it is working on a positive side to give us what we really need 🙂

I hope this blog has helped you on your quest in how to make subliminal messages and affirmations. Good luck! Another blog on subliminal messages can be found by clicking here.

How to make subliminal affirmations video here.

Brainwave Entrainment Software

Disclosure and Disclaimer: I review sites and I am  happy to be of service and supply you with inspiring content free of charge. In order to do this, please note that when you click on some links and purchase items, in most  cases (not all) I will receive a referral commission. Your support in purchasing within this frame enables us to offer great content and to offer you many freebies.  It helps us  to  empower our viewers worldwide and to blog with less stress and hassle.  We are independently owned and operated and please note that the opinions expressed on my page are my own. Thank you for your understanding.

Brainwave Entrainment training program for professionals

brainwave entrainment training programI just have to share this “Brainwave entrainment training program” with anyone who is interested in brainwave entrainment and/or might be using it professionally.

I am sooooo excited because although I’ve been using brainwave entrainment for many years I’ve never really immersed myself into it… until now!!! I’m booked in and will be attending the brainwave entrainment training program webinar coming up in September. The beauty of this course is, we can all meet online and be anywhere in the world. This course is a The 4 day, 12 hour program which is run live – it is not a pre-recorded program.

Here is the brilliant news! This isn’t just a course put together by marketers wanting to make money. This is truly a LIVE course (with question and answer times) that is aimed at professional counselors, brainwave entrainment enthusiasts (like me!), doctors etc. The guests include Ed Mackey PhD, MSN, CRNA, FAPA. He is the founder and current director of The Mind/Body Institute of Applied Psychophysiology at West Chester University of Pennsylvania where he currently teaches in the College of Health Sciences.

As I mentioned to you earlier, I’ve been producing brainwave entrainment programs foe helping people for a number of years now. You can check out this youtube video where just the video alone, has helped many with pain. Please read their comments to believe it! Brainwave entrainment has assisted people with anxiety, stress relief, meditation, and so much more.

Dr. Mackey additionally maintains a private practice in neurofeedback, biofeedback and hypnosis.
Also teaching and available for Q&A will be Adam Hewett, creator of the software and co-founder of Transparent, and Joe Verona, General Manager and technical guru for the BWE community.brainwave entrainment training program

So what on earth is in this course? Here are some details:

– An overview of brainwave entrainment

  • Detailed, scientific analysis of the neurological mechanisms behind brainwave entrainment (BWE)
  • Frequencies and what the frequencies can be used for
  • Brainwave stimulation methods
  • How to make sure brainwave entrainment occurs

– A brief look at aspects of neuroanatomy essential to a full understanding of brainwave entrainment

– A guided tour through the significance and practical applications of many studies on Brainwave entrainment

  • Where brainwave entrainment first began and the proof that it worked
  • Documented research explaining the benefits of brainwave entrainment

– Basic and intermediate operation of Mind WorkStation software (This is NOT something you have to have to benefit from this program!)

  • The anatomy of session construction- ramps, rests, spikes in hertz, pitch, colors, waveforms and the significance of these elements.
  • Basic guidelines and best practices for session construction
  • Audiostrobe- how to set it up. why the waveforms matter, why the colors matter, and more.
  • Band pass filtering- getting the best results from patented features unique to MWS.
  • Measuring/analyzing EEG results with MWS

– The use of Brainwave Entrainment in professional practice with clients

  • Legal considerations and important paperwork
  • Introducing brainwave entrainment  to clients
  • Client interaction and techniques for building rapport specific to therapy with brainwave entrainment

So what do I know of this company? OK, I can tell you, I HAVE been using their brainwave entrainment training programprogram for years now and this is where I produce all of my brainwave entrainment CD’s. I actually own the commercial license to sell their work – and have been selling on Ebay VERY successfully for about 3 years now.  Yes, I know, it sounds like I am pushing them simply to make money…. well, the truth be known, I am sharing their work and their course, only because I know that brainwave entrainment has worked for me and the MANY customers that I have helped through producing work from their software. This meditative music experience has assisted many.

You don’t need to buy their software for this program. Yes, they will devote some time on it, however this is more about the professional development of brainwave entrainment, rather than a selling opportunity for Transparent Corp.

The course costs $295.00 (USD) and must be booked in advance.

“Brainwave Entrainment: Putting Research Into Action”
September 23-26 — 6 to 9 pm EST —

Some of the Benefits of attending are as follows:– Q&A: There will be plenty of time to ask questions to both  Dr. Mackey and of Adam and Joe.

– Completion Certificate: You will receive a certificate of proof of workshop attendance

– Prerequisite Completion: Completion of this workshop may be a prerequisite for more advanced workshops we plan to hold in the future. Registrants for this workshop will receive a discount on future workshops, and the ultimate goal is that this series of workshops will culminate in a certification in brainwave entrainment for those who complete the course.

– Free Video Copy: You’ll get free access to a video copy of the entire workshop to revisit sections you’d like to review, and for your future reference.

I’m going as I need to go. Yes, sure, I  have a great understanding of brainwave entrainment now, however nothing will beat hearing about it from a doctor who has been researching it for years! I’m excited as.

Click here for details on joining in – and if you go, please let me know and we may be able to chat about it as well afterwards 🙂